Entry #1

Who here hates that stupid swag shit, but likes rap?

2012-11-22 13:35:39 by mmjc

I feel today's style of the rap genre has fallen quite a drop. I just can't stand this "Swag" horseshit. However, I do appreciate what rap used to be. If you feel the same, you should check out my rap tracks at either https://www.facebook.com/mMjcXx3D or
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2012-11-22 14:29:42

I love swag and non swag.


2012-11-22 15:25:00

Yeah, man. I don't mind saying so, despite the entire genres' rep being all but destroyed by whatever. Kind of sad, too, hearing virtually everyone I talk to -or don't talk to- talk about listening to hip-hop as if they're afraid to admit they listen to it or something. It's in the way they way they go about it: "Not that I like rap or anything"; I normally hate this music, but..."; "I don't listen to it myself, although..."
Like they're going to be judged for it.
What's up, people? :/